The French association Que Choisir in favor of vaping

 The French association Que Choisir in favor of vaping
The French association Que Choisir in favor of vapingThe association Que Choisir surveyed 4000 people to collect their opinion on electronic cigarette.
Two thirds of the people interviewed were vapers out of which 80% have been vaping for more than a year. This shows a certain maturity of the French vaping market.
More than 80% of vapers have totally quit smoking and for most of them, the transition was smooth. This illustrates once again how useful the electronic cigarette is to reduce tobacco use. Most of the vapers use an e-juice with less than 10mg/ml nicotine content. They have reduced this nicotine content when compared with their initial e-liquids.
The three main reasons that explain the use of an e-cigarette are the:
  • Desire to stop smoking
  • Wish to stop bothering friends and families with cigarette smoke
  • Hope to save money
For those who stopped vaping, which is to say 10% of the people in the survey, 40% of them have totally stopped both smoking and vaping. But unfortunately 40% have returned to single tobacco use. This would be due, according to them, to the constraints of the vaping device (charging the battery, e-liquid availability, etc.).
Among those who do not vape, more than half of them consider it less harmful than tobacco products. However, there’s still a third of them who think e-cigs are as dangerous as cigarettes.
However, Que Choisir makes it clear that « there is no doubt today that e-cigarettes produce less harmful components than tobacco combustion products. And they have far less deleterious effects on people’s health than tobacco. British people have fully grasped that point with proactive anti-smoking policies that integrate electronic cigarette as a tool to promote cessation of tobacco use. »

Here below the extensive survey results (in French)

Details of the Que Choisir survey


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