New study proves that passive vaping is harmless

 New study proves that passive vaping is harmless
New study proves that passive vaping is harmlessThe State University of San Diego in California has recently published a very positive study for the electronic cigarette. It concerns passive vaping.
This happens only a few days after the Californian authorities controlled air quality in two different vape shops.
The air quality controls showed that there was no noticeable pollution.
As for the study, it has shown that the air of houses where people were vaping presented the same particle characteristics than ambient air.
The study has analyzed air pollution of more than 200 different houses. Harmful particles were found in higher concentrations in houses were people smoke cigarettes or pipes. But also in houses were people smoke cannabis or where incense is burnt.

Air data shows passive vaping is harmless

On the contrary, air data collected showed that there was “no apparent difference in the weekly mean particle distribution between 43 homes reporting any electronic cigarette usage and those reporting none”.
Unfortunately, this result has almost gone unnoticed. Indeed, it wasn’t one of the key findings one could read in the executive summary of the study.


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