Pregnant women should avoid vaping

 Pregnant women should avoid vaping

E-cigarette is often presented as a safer substitute to tobacco products. Therefore many people around the world have started vaping. And most of these people use them to stop smoking.

La vape et les femmes enceintesSeveral studies have proven that there are no cancer risks with e-cigarettes. Especially lung cancer, which is caused by tobacco use. However, a study is warning pregnant women to avoid vaping because there would be a risk for the foetus. 

This study was conducted by Dr Pawan Sharma, Chancellors Fellow and Research Leader in the Airways Disease Group at the University of Technology Sydney. Dr Sharma says that vaping could be involved in the development of asthma of young children whose mother was vaping during pregnancy.

In this study, searchers have exposed one group of female mice to electronic cigarette vapor. Another group was exposed to pure air over different periods of time (during mating, during pregnancy, during birth and uring feeding).

After that, they exposed the offspring of the two groups to an allergen made from ovalbumin. And they studied asthma development. They observed significant differences between the two populations. There was indeed a higher asthma risk in the offspring of the mice that had been exposed to vapor. 

This has been only proven on mice for the moment, but these results are important enough to be taken into account. Other studies should take place in the future to see if humans follow the same pattern.

Warnings for high-risk population

Warning - Pregnant womenThe precautionary principle should be applied. In France, it’s already implemented to warn about the potential risks of e-cigarettes, especially among high-risk populations. E-cigarettes are therefore banned for minors and are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. Among other high-risk populations: people suffering from cardio-vascular diseases, seizures or allergies. You can learn more on our Warning page.


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