What type of vaper are you?

 What type of vaper are you?

Here at BlogVape, we have Hipster Vapers, Vape-Geeks, and Flavour Vapers. We have identified 8 types of vaping enthusiasts. Which one are you?

The Practical Vaper

The practical vaper only vapes for one reason: to avoid smoking cigarettes. The latest trends in e-liquid flavours or vaping devices are irrelevant to him as long as he can stop smoking.  You won’t be seeing him at vaping events.


The Hipster Vaper

vaper hipster

The Hipster Vaper wants to be at the cutting edge of fashion. He only vapes using the latest kit that he bought at the local artisan store, which he learned about on his latest trip abroad. A passionate connoisseur, he only buys juice from local providers who work with organic additives exclusively. The Hipster Vaper never buys any juice with artificial flavouring or colouring.


The Cloud Chaser


The Cloud Chaser dreams of one thing only: blowing massive clouds of vapour. Always equipped with an impossibly-named type of coil, the cloud chaser can wax lyrical on the latest dripper model and his oversized air-flow vents.


The Indecisive Vaper

A cigarette here, a vape hit there, the Indecisive Vaper is unable to give up his old habit entirely. Some do this by choice, while others are struggling to transition to 100% electronic cigarettes.


 The Budget Vaper

The budget vaper always has a bag packed with massive e-liquid containers that were obtained on obscure websites at insane prices. All his devices have their own story. The Budget Vaper knows everything to know about the best deals and sales going on.


 The Vape-Geek


The Vape-Geek is always carrying a big bag. Inside you will find the latest mods and atomisers, and a range of batteries, just in case, along with at least a litre of e-liquid. If a zombie outbreak every comes to pass, this vaping survivalist can keep you stocked for years. In the meantime, he has the best recommendations and reviews.


 The Activist Vaper

The Activist always finds a cause to fight for in vape culture. Often a member of various militant organisations, this vaper dedicates his time to defend the interest of the community.


 The Flavour Vaper

The Flavour Vaper loves complex e-liquids. He can identify the components of juices you would never have guessed, even when your palate is at peak performance.  Always on the hunt for new experiences, he will usually vape at a low wattage and favour PG-based juices.

Which one are you? Have you identified other types of vape enthusiasts? Share in the comments!


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