Vaping kits for Christmas gifts

 Vaping kits for Christmas gifts

Out of ideas for a Christmas gift for your favourite vaping enthusiast? Check out BlogVape’s Christmas selection!


Christmas gifts for the ladies

lady Q
Lady Q

The Lady Q is an all-in-one e-cig kit designed in the shape of a lipstick tube. The kit includes a 1000mAh battery and a 1.5ml atomiser running 0.7 Ohm coils, the perfect starter kit or backup device.

iStick Basal
iStick Basal

iStick BASAL boasts a simple, streamlined design with a “girly chic” colour range. The 1500mAh battery allows for variable voltage up to 30W. The 15mm atomiser is fitted with GS Air coils, available in any vape store. In short, BASAL is a simple, practical kit for beginners or seasoned vapers.


Kit Zelos
Zelos kit

Last but not least, the Zelos kit with the famed Nautilus 2 atomiser. The sober, ergonomic device is perfect for ladies who want to quit smoking. This kit includes a 2500mAh battery that can deliver up to 50 Watts. The 2ml tank is protected by a stainless steel casing, to protect the Pyrex in case of impact. The colour range is varied for a lovely visual effect, whatever the choice.


Christmas gifts for the men

CB 60
CB 60

With it’s futuristic neon design, the CB 60 kit will win over robot-lovers and sci-fi nerds. It features ample battery capacity, clocking at 2300mAh, and pumps out up to 60 Watts, with a large 0.91” screen for fine tuning, three strong arguments for any vaping enthusiast. The 2ml atomiser signed Wismec is geared for direct-to-lung vaping and delivers delectable flavour.

Geek Vape Aegis

Recommended for the handy-men and toolbelt-toting dads, the AEGIS electronic mod kit is known for it’s sturdy design and high-powered output. Powered by a simple 18650 battery, it can deliver up to 100 Watts, and this isn’t even the best feature. The battery casing is designed for shock and water-resistance, and dust-proof on top of that. A big plus for vapers who work on construction sites or in other dirty environments.


RX Gen3
RX Gen3

Loyal to the Wismec product image, RX GEN 3 is an electro-mod with a triple-battery casing for a beautifully futuristic design, outputting up to 300 Watts! The three batteries mean extensive battery life, ideal for heavy vapers.



Accessible e-cig gifts

ego Aio


At this price point, we recommend the famed eGo Aio. A simple to use, all-in-one kit with reliable performance. This e-cig is the perfect kit for newcomers to vaping. We recommend picking up 2, however, as the battery life may not be enough for a day.


Justfog P16A


The Justfog P16A is also a valid contender in this category. It is fitted with a 2ml atomiser and a child-proof opening mechanism, and an easy-to-use battery rated at 900mAh.


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