A French start-up creates the first smart ash tray

 A French start-up creates the first smart ash tray

logo greenminded - trayGreenMinded, a start-up in Marseilles, has just developed a new prototype intelligent ash tray. Designed for businesses and towns, the ash tray is meant to encourage collection and recycling of cigarette butts. Cigarettes are a major source of pollution, as they are not biodegradable.

Called “Borne to recycle,” the smart ash tray developed by the young company is a first. The ash tray also has a unique and original system made for users. For each butt thrown into the receptacle, the device asks a question. If answered correctly, points are accumulated via a smartphone application. Afterwards, these points can be used to contribute money to a charity of the user’s choosing.

The idea behind GreenMinded is to promoting recycling amongst the general public. Cigarette butts will then be sent to Brittany, where another start-up will be in charge of recycling them. The company MéGo! converts paper and tobacco into compost, and converts the filters into street furniture.


An expected launch date in early 2019

cendrier greenmindedFor the time being, the smart ash tray only exists as a prototype. Test phases will continue throughout 2018. The company plans to bring the device to market at the beginning of next year.

Twenty business orders have already been placed at GreenMinded. A potential partnership with Veolia is already underway as a result of product interest in Lille. In the future, other cities will be targeted to ensure a smooth deployment of these ash trays throughout France.

The start-up is now seeking partnerships to accelerate the development of the project. The start-up also wants to refine its business model. Indeed, profits will be primarily based on ash tray rentals. Original and innovative, this recycling project could solve the pollution problem caused by cigarette butts.


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