A major study on the effectiveness of e-cigarettes forthcoming

 A major study on the effectiveness of e-cigarettes forthcoming

Vaping enthusiasts have been waiting a long time for this. A major French study is finally ready to commence with the goal of determining the effectiveness of e-cigarettes. The study’s objective, which will include over 600 smokers, is to know once and for all whether or not the e-cigarette is an effective nicotine substitute.

The study will be carried out with the help of Public-Assistance Hospital of Paris (AP-HP). E-cigarettes and e-liquids with and without nicotine will be tested to analyze their effectiveness in helping smokers quit. The main interest will be to discover whether or not e-cigarettes are better at treating nicotine addiction than the prescription drug Varenicline.

French health authorities will finance the study, which is called ECSMOKE. Over 650 smokers aged 18-70 years old will be monitored in various hospitals. The six-month survey of smokers who have recently quit smoking will be used to measure the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette.

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A landmark study

Today, there are approximately 1.7 million e-cigarette users in France. It is thus essential that an impartial study exist to evaluate the benefits and potential risks of vaping. For Ivan Berlin, an addiction specialist at Pitié-Salpêtrière, the study will reveal whether or not the e-cigarette can help people quit smoking.

In the context of the study, patients will be given an e-cigarette of moderate strength. E-liquids with and without nicotine will be tested, in comparison to the prescription drug Varenicline, and a placebo. Multiple exams will be carried out to analyze the evolution of the weaning process for each patient.

Although the e-cigarette and its effectiveness are at the heart of the study, the stakes are even larger. The potential risks of the e-cigarette (notably for people over 45-years old) will also be assessed. This large study is the first of its kind in France, and will only reveal its findings in four years. However, in time it could represent major progress for the cause of vaping.  


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