Juul may be opening its own brick & mortar shops

 Juul may be opening its own brick & mortar shops

The USA’s market-leading e-cig manufacturer, Juul, has been in the cross-hairs of the FDA for many months. The reason behind this attention is the popularity of their vaping devices and e-liquids among teens. After making several commitments in this regard, the company may have found a solution by opening physical shops to distribute their wares.

The Food and Drug Administration sees Juul as responsible “for the vaping epidemic” in minor populations. The company will be taking charge of the situation by opening branded stores to sell their products. The information was revealed by two American news sources, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal.

Opening Juul shops will represent a notable change in the company’s business model. As brick & mortar establishments, restricting access to adults will be facilitated and ensure that vaping-enthusiasts can be profiled effectively. This solution would ensure Juul can fight back against the damaging accusations of the FDA.

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A decision to improve sales control

The first Juul shops should be opening their doors in Texas. A chain of specialised stores means company policy can be enforced when it comes to sales. Minors will not be able to purchase Juul products in the shop.

In line with FDA requirements, Juul shops will not be selling fruit-flavoured e-liquids. Only classic flavours (tobacco, mint, menthol) will be available in the stores. Juul’s ambitious plan will help strengthen their market presence, and help smooth things over with the FDA. It is also in line with the company policy to help smokers quit.

Keep in mind that there have been no official statements on this subject. Information picked up by media outlets were from an anonymous source. Juul has not yet confirmed they will be opening physical shops in the USA.


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