Camille Cottin, a true vaping ambassador in the French Dix pour Cent show

At BlogVape, we have watched the latest episodes of the second season of Dix pour Cent with sheer delight!

Dix pour Cent : les personnages

For those of you who are not familiar with this show, this French series describes the everyday-life of celebrity agents where laughter, emotion and drama constantly rub. In each episode, French stars play their own role with a lot of humor and self-mockery. Yesterday, actress Isabelle Adjani, singer Julien Doré or youtuber Norman were in the spotlight.

Camille Cottin - Dix pour Cent - VapeAnd without any hesitation, our favorite character is Andrea Martel played by Camille Cottin. A strong, stubborn and energetic woman, Andrea always speaks her mind with passion.
We love Camille Cottin’s complex and emotional interpretation of her character. But we also love the fact that Andrea is a vape addict. She’s always keeping a close eye on her electronic cigarette!

Learn more about the Dix pour Cent show

If you’re curious about this show and want to watch the first two seasons of Dix pour Cent, you can go online on France 2 internet website.