Luxembourg will soon consider the e-cigarette as a tobacco product

Luxembourg will soon consider the e-cigarette as a tobacco productLuxembourg has reached a turnaround. On May 31, Representatives will vote a new law on smoking regulation. This new legislation does not make a distinction between an e-cigarette and a classical tobacco cigarette.
Deputy Nancy Arendt, a member of the Social-Christian Popular Party is happy about the vote. “There is no precise study on the harmfulness or absence thereof of the e-cigarette […]. This is why we have chosen to be cautious by putting the e-cigarette at the same level as tobacco cigarettes”.
On the contrary, Marc Baum from the left-wing Déi Lénk party opposes the text and explains that his party will refrain from voting the law. “Ce believe […] that we trivialize tobacco products when we place electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes at the same level”.

The main goal is to protect minors from tobacco products

Other aspects of the law include smoking restrictions. It will be forbidden to smoke or vape in cars, and everywhere where children aged 12 and less are present. But also in sports venue where people aged 16 and less are present. As for advertising on cigarette packs, it will be more strictly regulated.
The main objective of the law is to take a strong stand against the trivialization of the cigarette and the e-cigarette and try to protect minors from both of them.
Once the law is voted, the implementation will be crucial and shall, of course, be explained in more details by the authority to avoid any misunderstanding.