Hong-Kong: a man faces a 2-year jail time for selling nicotine e-liquids

Last June 20, a 22-year old Hong-Kong man was arrested for selling e-liquids containing nicotine on the Internet. Actually, even though vaping is authorized in Hong-Kong, it is forbidden to vape nicotine e-liquids and of course, to sell them. The young man who was arrested by the Police sold his products on social networks. He was caught following the purchase of a sample by a government laboratory. He faces a heavy sentence: 2 years of prison and a $100 000 fine. This is because in Hong-Kong, nicotine is considered as a poison and is only authorized in pharmacies.
Hong-Kong: a man faces a 2-year jail time for selling nicotine e-liquids
The government advised vapers who purchased nicotine e-liquids to this seller to consult a doctor. They should also go to a hospital if they “had doubts or felt unwell”. They can even drop their bottles for free testings at the DH Drug Office in Wan Chai.

What are the risks for vapers?

But will you face charges if you vape nicotine juices in Hong-Kong? In practice, not really, because it is hard to identify during a simple police control. Indeed, there are no testimony of such a control. However, it remains illegal and if you do it, il will be at your own peril.
As far as e-liquids without any nicotine, there are no problems, they are perfectly legal and the vaping community is quite developped. There is though certain rules of etiquette that you shall respect: you need to be respectful and people will appreciate if you vape only when you aren’t a nuisance to anyone.  Local vapers wish to remain discreet to be able to use their e-cigarettes as long as possible!