The difference between vaping and smoking

This is not a “before and after” photo—it’s proof of the difference between vaping and smoking.

Sometimes, studies and statistics aren’t sufficient. We are now in the visual age, which means photos and videos are king. And although we often repeat it here on BlogVape, vaping is much less dangerous than smoking cigarettes, and the difference is not even close.

YouTuber Chris Notap wanted to confirm this widely known scientific fact, and so he created a non-scientific experiment to compare vaping and tobacco. The principle was simple: in a bell filled with cotton, he injected smoke from one side and vapour from the other. He then used a pump to imitate respiration by allowing the chemicals to pass through the cotton.

Chris carried out the experiment with quantities that are equivalent to one month of vaping versus smoking.

Here is the result with tobacco smoke :

Here is the result with e-cigarette vapour :

Let’s be clear, however, as a certain Mr. Pasteur once taught us, that just because something isn’t visible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Still, the difference is massive.

These videos should be made public. While they apply no scientific theory and provide no statistics, like a successful road safety campaign, they hit where it hurts: right in the eyes.