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[TEST] iStick Nowos, a solid, basic USB C device

When it comes to vaping options, there are a lot of choices, and there are always new products coming out with more and more...

English Ministry of Health urges smokers to try e-cigarettes

The British government has decided to encourage smokers to give up smoking in favor of vaping. A few days ago, Public Health England (PHE)...
nicotine biebert

A new film about nicotine, directed by Aaron Biebert

Following the success of the documentary “A Billion Lives” and the short film “Global Confusion,” Aaron Biebert has decided to make a new film...
buralistes qatar tabac

Price of tobacco increases tenfold in Qatar

Smokers in Qatar faced a rude awakening on January 1. For the New Year, the government decided to increase the price of cigarettes, and...
vape vaping

The future of vaping for 2019?

For a number of years, vaping has been a hot topic for debate and discussion. Those for vaping consider it a healthy alternative to...
fumer smoke smoking

Smoking or vaping in Malaysian restaurants can get you thrown in prison

Malaysian vaping and tobacco regulations were always known to be strict. But this has taken a turn for the worse since January this year, now...
concours giveaway

GIVEAWAY: win a free year of vaping!

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juul labs

Juul is providing bonuses to employees in order to silence them

Juul is going to pay millions of Euros in bonuses to assuage its disgruntled employees. Most of the discontent surrounds Juul’s partnership with Altria.  Big...

Big Tobacco continues to take interest in vaping

The tobacco giants are starting to wonder about the future of traditional cigarettes. All signs point to the electronic cigarette overtaking traditional cigarettes in...

The Juul-Altria merger alarms American health authorities

Juul quickly made its mark amongst young people, but it’s also getting the attention of the health authorities. The FDA, which has called the...