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French company coins a new flavour…Chicken curry!

V’APE, a popular French premium e-liquid manufacturer, has come up with something new in the vaping world, something daring and innovative… We all know about...

Eddie Huang is revolutionizing cuisine thanks to the e-cigarette

Once considered a revolutionary product in the world of tobacco, the e-cigarette is now inspiring the culinary world.In any case, in the United States,...

Flavoured e-liquids in danger in San Francisco

The tobacco market has diversified in recent years, offering increasingly innovative flavours to consumers.Whether this means menthol cigarettes, or vaping e-liquids with flavours as...

Most Canadians are against neutral tobacco packaging

Not everyone in Canada shares the same views on the Canadian government’s recently introduced bill concerning neutral packaging for tobacco products. Indeed, Forum Research...

South-Africa changes tack on electronic cigarette legislation

A recent law proposal has sparked a wave of anger across the professional vaping community in South-Africa. Instead of the expected measures to better...

Vaping in young populations: a VR game to resist peer pressure

In the USA, e-cigs have become all the rage among younger populations. Based on the latest 2017 statistics by the National Institute of Drug...

Fire caused by an exploding e-cigarette?

In Florida, an exploding e-cigarette battery may have been the cause of a deadly fire. A vaping device reportedly caught fire, which caused a...

CBD to help alleviate symptoms of autism?

Cannabidiol is fast becoming a focal point in scientific research. Also known as CBD, this particular cannabinoid, present in cannabis plants, is already an active ingredient...

United Kingdom: e-cig ads on cigarette packs?

The United Kingdom is a true El Dorado for vapers. And while the government has already done a lot to support electronic cigarettes, a new...

Myth or reality: vaping epidemic amongst Young Americans

A new vaping device has begun to seriously worry the education sector in America. It’s name: the Juul, which perfectly imitates a USB key....