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E-cigarettes, a vehicle for growth for Japan Tobacco?

Japan Tobacco suffered last year from the decline in sales of tobacco products in Japan. Consequently, the group decided to act. The company has...

Big Tobacco giants suspected of price-fixing

The Competition Authority recently raided the premises of multiple Big Tobacco companies. Seizures were made in various companies suspected of breaking the law. A...
study arômes

A new study warns of health risks with certain e-liquids

The vape market is thriving as never before. In the USA, there are today almost 500 different brands for a total of 8000 e-juice flavours....
british hospital

E-cigarettes soon to be available for sale in British hospitals?

A study conducted by a group of British doctors in the United Kingdom has already concluded that e-cigarettes are much safer than smoking tobacco....

Filtergate: one cigarette may equal the smoke of ten according to CNCT

The French CNCT (national anti-smoking committee) has just filed suit against 4 heavy-hitters in global cigarette manufacturing for endangering the lives of users. The concerned...

The incredible media hype over the “harmfulness” of vaping

At the end of January 2018, vaping devices were violently attacked by the AFP. According to the French press agency, e-cigarettes significantly increase the...

The French government is working with tobacco vendors to encourage vaping

A new agreement has just come into force in France to help tobacco vendors establish stronger local business. To achieve this, the Ministry of...
accident rapid city

A road accident caused by vaping

Rapid City, in South Dakota, was the scene of a surprising turn of events. A traffic accident occurred in Rapid City that was said...
blowing vape

Is blowing into the atomizer a wise move?

You may have seen vapers blowing into the atomizer before inhaling. And if you’re thinking “What a ridiculous idea, you’re supposed to inhale!” it’s...

In the midst of a scandal, the director of the CDC steps down

Brenda Fitzgerald, the director for America’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has just been forced to resign. The cause cited is a blatant...