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Former French Minister for Health takes a stand against HNB tobacco

E-cigarettes have become a mainstream alternative to tobacco products and Roselyne Bachelot, the former French Minister for Health, has a lot to say about...

Vaping can help smokers quit smoking without gaining weight

One of the main reasons that smokers are afraid to quit is the fear of gaining weight. While e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than...

Illegal promotional methods for the new IQOS

It is illegal to promote tobacco products in France. However, it seems Philip Morris has found a loophole and is advertising a tobacco products...

[TEST] Innokin’s new atomiser, the Ares, a flavour-making machine!

The first thing you do when you start vaping is to imitate a smoking gesture: draw into the mouth, then inhale into the lungs....

Robeco investment fund stops funding tobacco

The Dutch asset management company Robeco has decided to stop investing in the tobacco industry. This concerns all of the companies listed on the...

Ghana: imminent vaping and shisha ban

If smoking is considered harmful to health, it is not the only activity that worries health authorities. Indeed, shisha and e-cigarettes have also been...

Teenagers prohibited from using e-cigarettes in Alaska

In the United States, the state of Alaska could prevent young people from vaping. Approved unanimously by the Senate, a bill is in the...

Vaping seen as a blessing in Iceland

The e-cigarette is seeing major success internationally, as more and more scientific studies confirm its health benefits. This device appears to be the most...

Battery explosions: the FDA investigation

While electronic cigarettes have many advantages, the devices can have inherent dangers. The reduced impact on health compared to traditional cigarettes is indeed a...

Filtergate scandal: nothing has been done

We recently published an article on the subject of Filtergate, regarding the now infamous mini-vents in cigarette filters. These vents were designed to trick...