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Juul details its new Bluetooth products

A few weeks ago, Jull announced that its Bluetooth-equipped pods should be available in 2019. The cofounder of Juul Labs, James Monsees, confirmed that...

Neutral cigarette packs soon to appear in Belgium

A major anti-tobacco measure will soon be implemented in Belgium. Health Minister Maggie de Block recently announced the introduction of a new, neutral cigarette...
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Big Tobacco companies cleared of price-fixing charges

While companies can be criticized for disloyal business practices, they can also be accused of the opposite. Indeed, the tobacco market was recently suspected...

The fight against tobacco intensifies with 10 new drugs

Recently, an American research team developed over ten new drugs to help smokers quit with their addiction. This discovery represents a significant step forward...

SPECTRUM has created a new cigarette with 95% less nicotine

The company SPECTRUM has just developed a cigarette with a very low level of nicotine. The company has just placed an order for 3.6...

AIDUCE opposes the EU Commission’s anti-vaping policy

The EU Commission’s recent public inquiry into vaping has provoked the ire of AIDUCE. The Independent Association for Electronic Cigarette Users is against the...

Tobacconists in the Haute-Vienne region are sounding the alarm

In the last few years, tobacconist shop owners close to France’s borders have been complaining to government authorities about the drop in their purchasing...

Vaping kits offered to Scottish prisoners

Introduce prisoners to vaping? Such is the strategy of the Scottish Prison Service (SPS). The distribution of free vaping kits will also allow prisoners...

Alaska admits there is a difference between vaping and smoking

After years of struggle, it appears that the public image of vaping is finally changing. Often falsely compared to smoking, in Alaska at least,...

India: the ban on vaping soon to go into effect

The news has just landed: Vaping is now prohibited in all six Indian states. The Indian Vaping Association (IVA) is stupefied by this decision which is counter...