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Should the sale of duty-free tobacco be banned?

Tobacco may soon be banned in duty-free zones throughout Europe. In any case, such is the proposition adopted by the European deputy Younous Omarjee....

Quitting smoking thanks to e-liquid flavour variety

While flavours in e-cigs are often singled out as the reason young people are curious to try them, e-liquid variety is a key aspect...

FDA a victim of large-scale anti-vaping piracy

The FDA recently announced that its servers were the target of an unprecedented cyber attack between June 8 and June 11. The cyber attack...

A scientific journal refuses to put vaping & tobacco in the same category

Marcus Munafo, editor and senior writer for Nicotine & Tobacco Research, a reputed science journal, refuses to assimilate vaping with tobacco products in journal articles....

Canada: anti-tobacco policies have a positive effect in New Brunswick

Internationally, anti-tobacco campaigns are multiplying in response to the health risks associated with smoking. These campaigns seem to be having a positive effect on...

Smoking ban across public parks is now in force in Paris

After the experiment conducted in the Alsace region, it’s Paris’s turn to test out the ban on smoking in public parks. Adopted on July 1st...

Australia: Vaping banned in public spaces

Adopted in France on October 1st, 2017, the ban on smoking in public spaces is now in effect in Australia. The state of New...

Nicotine: a new treatment for dementia?

With the development of the Western health industry and medical research, life expectancy has added decades to the average life.  And yet, with an...
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The FDA is taking its time to apply new vaping regulations

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is being a bad student when it comes to enforcing its own laws. Senators have since stepped up...

Sign the petition to help distinguish between vaping and smoking

The arrival of the e-cigarette in Europe has helped 7.5 million people quit smoking. And yet, those who oppose the device are stubbornly refusing...