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USA: a study on addiction in young people has just been...

In the USA, a study that involved 47,000 participants has recently been unveiled. The conclusion? Youger consumers are increasingly choosing to vape rather than...

The US FDA’s “Vape Inspector”

With the latest regulations on vaping across the country, new inspection protocols are being implemented. The FDA intends to make sure American vaping professionals are in...

The FDA announces campaign against vaping among youth

On Tuesday August 8, the American FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) has announced that it will launch in 2018 a large campaign that aims at educating the youth about the dangers associated with e-cigarette use.

Decrease of nicotine content: the FDA declares war on tobacco giants

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is in charge of public health in the US has recently created major turmoil by declaring it wanted to reduce nicotine content in cigarettes.

FDA announcements: the impacts on the vaping world

The FDA has announced last week a certain number of changes in their fight against tobacco. What are the impacts for the vaping world?

Vaping & Tobacco laws in the US: change of heart for...

The FDA has announced two major changes in the tobacco & vaping regulations. The new legislation regarding vaping products has been postponed by one year. On the contrary, tobacco manufacturers will have to lower the nicotine content of their products.

The US anti-vaping regulation in details

In the US, a new regulation has been voted in 2016. Soon, any company wishing to sell a vaping product on the American market will have to submit an application to the FDA.

Congressman Hunter vapes again in Congress!

Duncan Hunter is a Republican congressman from California. He is a strong vaping advocate, known for his stance against the categorization of vaping products as tobacco products. Recently, he decided to protest an amendment sponsored by Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton by vaping.

A possible ban on flavored e-liquids in California

San Francisco and Oakland lawmakers are working on proposals to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes and other tobacco flavored products. By banning flavored tobacco e-liquids, lawmakers are taking away products that encourage smokers to quit smoking.

A citizen petition with the FDA to protest against anti-vaping regulation...

American vapers, vape shop owners and vaping industry professionals have decided to fight at the legislative, legal, political and regulatory levels. A ‘Citizen Petition’ has been filed by the Vapor Technology Association, the Smoke-free Alternatives Trade Association, NJOY LLC, and several other businesses.