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Vaping could be good for oral hygiene

In the past few months, a growing number of scientific studies have shown the benefits of e-cigarettes in relation to tobacco. The majority of these...

Critical analysis of the 2015 study on formaldehyde in e-liquids

A study on formaldehyde and e-cigarette cancer risks hit the headlines in 2015. A new critical analysis is published today.

Pregnant women should avoid vaping

E-cigarette is often presented as a safer substitute to tobacco. A study is warning pregnant women to avoid vaping: there would be a risk for the foetus. 

How dangerous can e-liquid be for pets?

Last February, a puppy died after ingesting some e-liquid. While accidents are on the rise, the safest option would be to store e-liquids, like laundry pods, out of the reach of children and pets.

Cancer risks: 250 times less important with vaping than with smoking

The electronic cigarette appeared in the years 2000, offering smokers an alternative which was presented as less harmful, despite possibly containing nicotine. A recent...

Should we be afraid if we spill e-liquid on our skin?

With all the warning messages that can be found on e-liquid bottles, many vapers, especially the ones who have recently started, want to avoid as much as possible skin contact with their e-liquid. Even though this concern seems understandable, is it justified?

What is the impact of nicotine on our health?

Tobacco and nicotine are two different things. The tobacco combusion is the one which is seriously harming our health. In vaping products, there is no combustion but there is nicotine, the last common item between vaping devices and cigarettes.

Focus on the use of diacetyl in e-liquids

A study of the American Lung Association has just reminded us of the risks linked to the inhaling of diacetyl which is present in e-liquids. Diacetyl is used as a food additive to add a buttery or caramelized flavors to some products.

No pulmonary risks for vapers

The results of a new study on vaping have just been unveiled during the yearly convention of the Anti-Smoking Italian League. Among vapers exposed daily to aerosol emissions of electronic cigarettes during 4 years, no harm in the lungs and in the airways has been observed.

Scientific studies show that vaping is less harmful than tobacco

According to the findings of 4 scientific studies, vaping is far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and should definitely be considered as an alternative to reduce tobacco use.