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The French vaping market is growing, and fast

Good news! The e-cigarette is alive and well in France, with an estimated 2 million+ vapers in the country. A new study done by...

Vaping industry grows by 40% in Germany

If there’s one European country where vaping is in full swing, it’s Germany. The main vaping association in the country has just announced a...

Vaping seen as a blessing in Iceland

The e-cigarette is seeing major success internationally, as more and more scientific studies confirm its health benefits. This device appears to be the most...

The Vape Market is heading for a boom

A report published P&S Market Research on January 2nd of this year predicted that global e-cigarette sales should reach the 48 billion dollar mark by...

British American Tobacco is ready to invest in vaping

For a few years now, anti-smoking initiatives have been multiplying. Among these, neutral packaging laws and the gradual price increases have placed a lot...

Current State of the Vaping Market in France

Starting October 1st, 2017, vaping will be forbidden in workplaces across France, with fines up to 150 euros. The measure was implemented in the...

BAT announces reorganization to encourage e-cigarette development

British American Tobacco is the second largest tobacco producer worldwide. It has announced a large reorganisation of its organization to encourage a faster development of electronic cigarettes sales.

Big Tobacco sees the vaping industry as a threat

Often called Big Tobacco, the 5 leading tobacco manufacturers (Philip Morris, British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands, Japan Tobacco and China Tobacco) have been quite unhappy with the development of the e-cigarette market over the last few years.

BAT purchases Reynolds and becomes leader in the US

The rumor had been spreading over the last few weeks about the purchase of cigarette manufacturer Reynods American by British American Tobacco (BAT). The deal has been closed after the green light given by the shareholders of both tobacco giants!

Vaping’s growing popularity analyzed thanks to Twitter

Vaporfi decided to analyze data from Twitter, one of the most important social networks, to better understand the popularity of vaping among Americans. The rise of vaping was analyzed thanks to thousands of tweets during a more than 2-year period.