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Laws & Regulations

AIDUCE opposes the EU Commission’s anti-vaping policy

The EU Commission’s recent public inquiry into vaping has provoked the ire of AIDUCE. The Independent Association for Electronic Cigarette Users is against the imposition of new taxes on electronic cigarettes. This EU’s supposed interest in public health belies their protection of commercial interests. AIDUCE, an association of French and Belgian consumers, wants to defend […]En savoir plus

Scientific studies Trends

Aiduce and Sovape denounce disinformation published by AFP

Aiduce and Sovape have recently made an official statement to the AFP contesting and denouncing “scaremongering based on false data about vaping products”. According to the two French pro-vaping associations, the AFP broacast false information that had previously been disproved by specialists. The subject of the letter of complaint was an article discussing cancer-related risks […]En savoir plus