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How much nicotine is in a cigarette?

Numerous vapers wonder about the amount of nicotine in cigarettes, and their curiosity is legitimate. The specific levels of this alkaloid necessary to combat the effects of withdrawal necessarily affect a vaper’s choice of e-liquid. However, answering questions about nicotine levels in cigarettes is complicated. According to a study carried about by Penn State University’s […]En savoir plus

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Vape shops vs. tobacconists: are we heading towards a rift in the vaping industry?

Recently, Rémi Baert, the founder of the e-commerce website Kumulus Vape, announced an end to the distribution of e-liquid brands in tobacconist shops. This decision also includes ending distribution to major roadside service stations, and it also includes the end of distribution for any brand that advertises on platforms other than vaping-specific media. The reason for […]En savoir plus

Vaping material

V’APE opened its laboratory doors to us!

While it is quite rare to be able to enter a laboratory producing e-liquids, V’APE, a French manufacturer, recently opened its doors to us! The least we can say is that their lab reflects their stellar reputation of impeccable quality. The e-liquids made in their labs are particularly interesting—it isn’t so much what’s inside the […]En savoir plus


The urban legend of antifreeze in e-liquid

Even so young an industry will be confronted with rumours, outright lies, and pernicious “alternative facts”. Among these, there is a particularly damaging urban myth, namely antifreeze in your e-liquid! Don’t panic just yet, this is obviously fake news. This modern myth is as usual the result of people jumping to conclusions, as one of […]En savoir plus

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E-Liquid pioneer Johnson Creek has gone bust

On October 10th, Heidi Braun, CFO of market-leading e-liquid manufacturer Johnson Creek, recently declared bankruptcy for the company. Founded, the company spearheaded the e-juice market and rose to the top thanks to online business. This story is yet another symptom of the difficulties faced by e-cig industry players with the new FDA regulations. Based in Hartland, […]En savoir plus

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The secrets behind e-liquid manufacturing

1.    Composition Flavorists will use raw materials to work on the creation of a new-liquid. They will rely both on market demands and on their imagination to create innovative flavors. They evaluate the gustative and olfactive qualities of the products before freezing the composition of the product. a.     The base 80 to 90% of the […]En savoir plus