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1,6 million French citizens have quit smoking for good

On March 25, the French prime minister made a striking statement: 1.6 million French people quit smoking in 2017, according to a study carried out by « Baromètre Santé ». The government is celebrating this news and is highlighting the positive impacts of various measures implemented to fight tobacco addiction. But what is really behind the numbers? […]En savoir plus

Scientific studies

Nicotine is harmful to infant brains

The dangers that tobacco poses to pregnant women are already well known. Nicotine as well as other toxic chemicals in smoke are harmful to fetuses. Nicotine in particular, which is capable of traversing the placental barrier, can affect the infant’s growth, but a new study suggests that the risks may be far worse.   In […]En savoir plus


Is tobacco finally becoming taboo?

A recent study has revealed the positive effects of neutral cigarette packaging. Smokers are less and less confident pulling out their cigarette packs in public, which is yet another step towards making tobacco taboo, as evidenced in the drop in tobacco sales in 2018.    Debates have been around since neutral cigarette packets were introduced […]En savoir plus


Gaulthier’s new collection inspired by cigarettes and vaping

Agnès Buzyn, the French Health Minister, is fighting fiercely against tobacco addiction. And although she recently declared that smoking is “has been,” the creator Jean-Paul Gaulthier doesn’t seem to agree. In fact, on the same day, he released his new collection, largely inspired by cigarettes and vaping. We already knew that the fashion icon was […]En savoir plus