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Murdered for $25 worth of e-liquids

Four minors have been accused of murdering Lloyd Chavez, an eighteen-year-old boy. The killers committed this atrocious act during an illegal transaction of vaping products, for the measly sum of an estimated 25 dollars. At 9:30pm on May 8, Lloyd Chavez was shot in the gut in front of his home with a 22. The […]En savoir plus

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[TEST] Infinix by Smok, a classic and reliable pod

While pod-based e-cigs have been an opportunity for novel design, with manufacturers breaking free from the 510 connection standard, certain trends are emerging nevertheless. The Infinix by Smok is definitely aligned with some of these trends, thanks to a style that immediately brings to mind the Juul or the Lynq. While slightly larger than the latter, it only weighs in […]En savoir plus

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Our E-cig Christmas list

Christmas time is here again, and if you’re not sure what to offer your vaping friends or loved ones who want to quit smoking, look no further, because we’ve partnered up with V’APE to give you a Christmas list of vaping products that are sure to hit the mark. For the folks over at V’APE, […]En savoir plus

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The French e-liquid manufacturer V’APE is launching a new range of nicotine salts without benzoic acid

A brief history When vaping first started, only classic e-liquids with nicotine existed. These e-liquids were hard to inhale as a result of the infamous, strong first “hit” that often irritated the throat. Afterwards, manufacturers compensated by lowering the level of nicotine while increasing the device’s power. This led to an increase in energy usage, […]En savoir plus

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V’APE opened its laboratory doors to us!

While it is quite rare to be able to enter a laboratory producing e-liquids, V’APE, a French manufacturer, recently opened its doors to us! The least we can say is that their lab reflects their stellar reputation of impeccable quality. The e-liquids made in their labs are particularly interesting—it isn’t so much what’s inside the […]En savoir plus


Gaulthier’s new collection inspired by cigarettes and vaping

Agnès Buzyn, the French Health Minister, is fighting fiercely against tobacco addiction. And although she recently declared that smoking is “has been,” the creator Jean-Paul Gaulthier doesn’t seem to agree. In fact, on the same day, he released his new collection, largely inspired by cigarettes and vaping. We already knew that the fashion icon was […]En savoir plus