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Our advice to clean your e-cigarette

Cleaning your e-cigarette is not really complicated. First step: make sure that your e-cig can be disassembled. Some devices are disposable and cannot be dismounted. So you'll not be able to clean. Then, follow these steps, which are globally the same for any e-cigarette model.En savoir plus

Different atomizer types

The atomizer is the element that hosts the coil, which, thanks to the power of the current delivered by the battery, will heat the e-liquid up and will trigger the evaporation. There are different types of atomizers: standard atomizers such as cartomizers or clearomizers and rebuildable atomizers.En savoir plus

Is it possible to vape without nicotine?

E-liquids are available with different nicotine content, from 0 to 20 mg/ml. E-liquids without nicotine do not present more risks than other e-liquids. They are therefore less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes. And they're also available in many different flavors, just as any other e-liquid. En savoir plus