Cloud Chasing – A new trend in the vaping world

 Cloud Chasing – A new trend in the vaping world

Cloud chasing competitions have started in 2014 on the US West Coast. They are now a worldwide phenomenon with competitions taking place in the US, of course, with international events in California or Las Vegas, but they are also a hit in Canada, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia or the UK. Competitions offer two main types of events: power vaping (large vapor cloud) and tricks (vapor figures). These events take place during vaping exhibitions or at vape shops specialized in e-cigarettes and e-liquids.

Les chasseurs de nuages

Vapers, who have modified and optimized their e-cigarette, train like athletes before the show. They do stretching and breathing exercises, meditate or practice of their vaping technique. Competitors are selected in pairs at random and placed back-to-back. Once last chance to concentrate before they exhale their vapor cloud and face the sharp judgment of the jury. The main goal of the power vaping competition: create with an e-cig the largest vapor cloud possible. The best vapers can reach up to 6 feet, and even more! Tricks competitors on the other hand will aim for original and perfectly shaped cloud figures.

Cloud chasingVapers are extremely secretive regarding their vaping method and their equipment. They are the key to success! The stakes are high because prizes can reach several thousand dollars for the winners, and the best competitors can be sponsored by vaping companies, especially e-cigarette manufacturers.

A true phenomenon

Cloud chasing has actually become a true phenomenon with the Huffington Post, Gizmodo or Mashable publishing articles about the magnitude of these vaping contests. The Wall Street Journal even used the word extreme sport to describe it! Most important of all, a large number of vapers is gathering to observe these professional vapers, totally mesmerized by the vapor clouds and the festive atmosphere of these competitions.


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