[TEST] The Nord by Smok, a two-in-one pod system

 [TEST] The Nord by Smok, a two-in-one pod system


Pod systems are rolling off the factory lines into the vaping market at an astounding rate! Currently, the Nord by Smok is the latest in the family. With its 1100 mAh battery, which is rather impressive for this segment, the Nord has a few tricks up its sleeve, or rather, in its tank. This isn’t a traditional pod system, but rather a hybrid device, much like the Nexus. So this means you can switch out your coils inside the pod itself, without needing to replace the whole pod. Much less wasteful, the planet will thank you for this in the long run. This also means that the Smok designers had a little more elbow room to work with: the Nord has two very different coils available.

nordThe first is a classic 1.4 ohm coil for MTL vaping. You can also pick these up in ceramic versions. The second, measured at 0.6 ohm, is rather oriented for direct-to-lung vaping, and has a mesh type coil, which ensures faster and more balanced heating of the resistive element. The result is rather surprising, the pod emits a great deal of vapour with no ramp up time. The vape delivers full throttle immediately.

When it comes to filling your tank, you’ll be going in through the side of the pod, which is practical but nevertheless caused a few drops to slip into the battery casing. Nothing critical, but should be kept in mind.

The battery, in addition to the significant charge, is rather small and only weighs in at 80 grams. Thus the Nord is a convenient, compact device you won’t even notice in your pocket.


A streamlined look

In terms of design, while the form is simple, the most striking feature is the “3D-cubic-honeycomb” texture. This design choice is the same across the 6 colours available. We can also note the mouth-piece, which is unusual to say the least. Rather than a flat drip tip, the Nord has an S-shaped opening. At times, it was like having a pacifier between your lips, if a rather unusual one. But this is something you get used to, and in fact come to enjoy. Others at Blog Vape’s reviewing team tried it without even noticing the difference.

Available for about thirty Euros, Smok’s latest pod system gets top marks. The extensive experience of the company means they know what they are doing when it comes to vaping design and technology.


Technical specifications

  • Tank: 2 ml (EU) or 3 ml
  • Battery: 1100 mAh
  • Coils: 1.4 ohm or 0.6 ohm (mesh)
  • Output: 10-15 W
  • Rechargeable pod
  • 6 colours available


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