The future of vaping for 2019?

 The future of vaping for 2019?

For a number of years, vaping has been a hot topic for debate and discussion. Those for vaping consider it a healthy alternative to smoking, while those against call it a gateway to smoking. Irrational as it may seem, faced with this ideological split, it’s difficult to predict the future of electronic cigarettes once the “trend” effect has passed.

Many experts have asked themselves about the future of vaping to predict market trends for 2019. Scientific studies, innovations in safety, and sales figures were studied, and the conclusion seems to point towards strong growth.

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Experts predict a promising future

The first conclusion the experts came to was that consumers and distributors seem to be opposed to the recommendations of health authorities. Of these, the FDA is highly vocal in its negative view of vaping despite the success of the industry. The preventive measures implemented by the FDA have not managed to slow down the exponential growth of the sector.

And when it comes to vaping, not all countries are alike. Some, like the UK, Canada, or New-Zealand see the product as a promising step on the road to eliminating tobacco. They encourage their citizens to adopt this substitute to quit smoking, which helps sales quite a bit. Others, such as the USA, firmly deny the positive health effect of switching to vaping, and consider it dangerous, in particular among minors.

Vape manufacturers, aware of these delicate cultural connotations, are eager for scientific studies to support their cause. And with this in mind, technological innovations mean safer and more user-friendly products for vaping enthusiasts. These 2019 predictions are great news for vapers, and hopefully for health authorities too.

Given the growth of vaping across the world, e-cig shops have multiplied in the past few years. Perhaps a little too much, given how saturated the market has become. Experts predict that the weakest links among these shops will lose to those with stronger loyalty and brand recognition.


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