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[Filtergate] 99% of cigarette companies are lying to you about their tar and nicotine rates

Sadly reminiscent of the pollutant emission scandal that rocked the automotive world, cigarette manufacturers are legally required to do everything in their power to reduce tar and carbon monoxide levels in their cigarette smoke. Recently, the Dutch public health institute (RIVM) published a study that revealed a flaw in the system. Indeed, the ISO standard, a method […]En savoir plus


Filtergate scandal: nothing has been done

We recently published an article on the subject of Filtergate, regarding the now infamous mini-vents in cigarette filters. These vents were designed to trick regulatory equipment that measures rates of tar and nicotine in cigarette varieties. The problem is that these tiny holes are blocked by the smoker’s fingers, who then inhales a great deal more […]En savoir plus


Filtergate: one cigarette may equal the smoke of ten according to CNCT

The French CNCT (national anti-smoking committee) has just filed suit against 4 heavy-hitters in global cigarette manufacturing for endangering the lives of users. The concerned companies are Philip Morris, BAT, JTI and Imperial Brands. The reasoning behind this decision is alleged tar and nicotine rates in cigarettes. CNCT is accusing Big Tobacco of deliberately falsifying test data. […]En savoir plus