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Scientific studies

Vaping reduces cardiovascular and plumonary risks in chronic smokers

Traditional cigarettes kill millions of people across the planet. According to the World Health Organization, it is the number one cause of preventable diseases. Tobacco addiction is responsible for between 25% and 30% of all cardiovascular diseases. When it comes to lung-related illnesses, the number jumps to 85%. Knowing that tobacco contains over 7,000 chemical […]En savoir plus

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The end of cigalikes

Marlboro has seen staggering success throughout its sixty years of existence, but the same cannot be said for its cigalike product. Indeed, the multinational American corporation, Altria, recently announced that the cigalike is not profitable enough to stay on the market. The cigalike looks like a traditional cigarette, but is in fact a mini e-cigarette […]En savoir plus

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Potential alliance between Juul Labs and Big Tobacco

According to the “Wall Street Journal”, Altria, formerly known as the infamous Philip Morris, is working to join forces with Juul Labs Inc. According to an anonymous source, negotiations are already underway. While the tobacco company would hold only a fractional share of the Californian start-up if the agreement goes through, this transaction would represent […]En savoir plus