A focus on American vapers’ preferences

 A focus on American vapers’ preferences

The ‘2017 Vaper Snapshot Survey’ was led jointly by Mystic E-cigs and the Vaping Advocate. American vapers were interviewed to know more about their preferences and vaping trends. More than 650 people were contacted in March and April 2017.

Vaper Snapshot - a focus on American vapers' preferences

One of the main findings of the survey was that 96% of the vapers were formers smokers. E-cigarettes have enabled 80% of them to stop smoking traditional cigarettes. Among those who have been vaping for more than 2 years, this percentage rises up to 90%. This result confirms the fact that the e-cigarette is an essential tool in stop smoking programs.

As for e-cigarettes, 95% of the people are looking for easy-to-use features. Even those who are using mods and mechanical e-cigs are looking for simplicity. Price is important for 29% of vapers but the figure drops down to 16% of we narrow the group to mod users.

Concerning e-liquids, number 1 quality looked for is taste. 43% of the vapers say that flavor is essential. Second most looked for element is product quality. We can observe that when we look at flavor preferences, results are very different depending on the age: for vapers aged 65 or more, tobacco and mint flavors arrive first while younger vapers will prefer fruity and gourmet flavors.

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To learn more about the vaping industry in the US, discover the Vaping Advocate.


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