Contrary to cigarettes, e-cigs don’t lead to the development of cancer cells

 Contrary to cigarettes, e-cigs don’t lead to the development of cancer cells
E-cigs don't lead to the development of cancer cellsA study conducted by the London-based searchers of British American Tobacco was recently published in the famous Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis journal. It has confirmed that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Searchers exposed lab cells to emissions of traditional tobacco cigarettes and to electronic vaping devices. And they found out that only the normal standard cigarettes had led to the development of cancer tumors in the lab cells. On the contrary, the electronic cigarette had caused no tumors at all. There simply were no cancer cells.
One of the main conclusions was the following.
« Results from this study suggest that e-cigarettes may have reduced tumor promoter activity compared to conventional cigarettes. And therefore may provide a safer alternative to cigarettes ».

The BHAS 42 test: a new methodology to compare vaping and smoking

According to Doctor Damien Breheny, the main author of the study, it’s the first time that the Bhas 42 test was used to compare traditional tobacco products to e-cigarettes. More tests are planned in the coming months to continue comparing tobacco and vaping products.


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