A 3-month delay for the US vaping industry

 A 3-month delay for the US vaping industry

3-month delay for the American vaping industryThe vaping industry is rejoicing in the US. They have just obtained a delay of a few months to better prepare the change of regulation.

Manufacturers of e-liquids, electronic cigarettes and other vaping products have therefore obtained a 3-month delay. They were supposed to register their products with the FDA before June 30 2017. This deadline has been pushed to September 30.

Other parts of the FDA’s regulation defining e-cigarette devices and liquids as tobacco products are also delayed three months.

Why did the FDA decide to delay the deadline?

This delay has been presented by the US authorities as the possibility for the FDA and the Health department to thoroughly examine the various lawsuits and appeals that have been filed by vaping advocates.


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