E-cig sales channel in Italy: online retailers well ahead

 E-cig sales channel in Italy: online retailers well ahead
With a market size of USD325mn in 2016, the Italian vaping market has grown by 300% year-on-year.
E-cig sales are made online in ItalyItalian vapers are very keen on buying their supplies online. It is the largest e-cig sales channel in Italy in 2016 with 60% of sales. The average traffic of the top 20 online e-cig retailers has been multiplied by more than 5 times since 2015. And the online e-cig market has consolidated recently. The top 3 sellers generating 50% of the total top 20 traffic.
Despite this increase, we are still far from the UK or from French figures with respectively 70% and 30% less traffic.
Search Engine Optimization is critical for the e-cig market. 50% of the visits will come through search engines. On the contrary, social media accounts for a very small portion of visits.
Surprisingly enough, almost all companies have both a Facebook and a YouTube account. The number of followers does not have an impact on traffic but companies use their accounts to interact with their customers and collect their feedback.
In the future, online sales are expected to decrease because industry experts anticipate a growth in the number of vape stores and also due to the implementation of the Tobacco Products Directive. Indeed, the TPD in Italy will ban cross-border distance sales of electronic cigarettes and refill thus supporting national players.


Sales stay online as e-cig usage increases in Italy – Ecig Intelligence report


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