A focus on the German vaping market

 A focus on the German vaping market
Let’s travel today to Germany and learn more about our German vaping friends!
In 2016, there were a little bit more than 1 million vapers in Germany, around 1.5% of the adult population. Though it is well under the 2.9 million British vapers or the 2.3 million French vapers, this figure is up 30% when compared with 2015.
The German market was worth €200mn in 2016 and is expected to grow between 25 to 35% in 2017.
A focus on the German vaping market
Most of the vaping population are still dual users. In the UK, we have learned in a recent article that more than half of vapers (52%) have completely stopped smoking, the remaining 48% being dual users. So there is still room for change!

Distribution channel: most purchases are made online

Most of them shop online (61%) and vape shops are actually quite limited, with only 15% of sales. The rest of the sales are made in convenience stores. However the number of specialized stores is on the rise (16% increase vs. 2015) and could continue to increase, while online sales could decrease due to the Youth Protection Act, where companies would have to send insured packages with age certification, thus having increased shipping costs.
German vapers prefer open systems with high material prices and an important e-liquid consumption. As for juices, German vapers can chose from 190 available e-liquid brands! Tobacco and menthol are the most preferred flavors and the most popular e-liquid brands are German and American.


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