Record levels for U.S. e-cigarette imports in 2016

 Record levels for U.S. e-cigarette imports in 2016
A recent report from the Government Accountability Office showed that e-cigarette product imports reached $342 million in 2016.
Record levels for U.S. e-cigarette imports in 2016
These $342 million electronic cigarette imports resulted in $9 million in tariff revenue. This report was shared with the Committee on Finance of the United States Senate.
In 2015, people were convinced that most e-cigarettes sold in the US were imported but the lack of separate statistical reporting numbers made it almost impossible to follow import figures. In late 2015, several specific identification tariff codes for e-cigarette product imports were created which made it easier to identify such imports.
E-cigarette products that are identified in the report include e-cigarette devices, related e-cig parts but also e-liquids. E-cigarette devices accounted for nearly 60% of the value of these imports, parts for 32%, and liquid for 9%. E-cigarettes were imported from 41 countries. But China clearly accounted for the vast majority of the products with 91% of imports by value. Following countries are Canada and Mexico with around 3% each.

Main ports of entry

U.S. e-cigarette imports arrived in 34 different ports of entry. The top 5 ports accounted for 81% of import value. These top ports are Cleveland, Los Angeles, Savannah, Norfolk and Seattle.


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