Where is it possible to vape in Quebec?

 Where is it possible to vape in Quebec?
Where is it possible to vape in QuebecThe electronic cigarette has been regulated by the same laws than tobacco products since 2015.
Quebeckers can no longer vape nor smoke wherever they want to. Here is a little summary of the places where you cannot vape or smoke anymore:
  • It is forbidden to vape or smoke within 9 meters of the door, the window of the air intake of a public place. This quite unusual rule of the 9 meters therefore bans cigarettes 9 meters from the door of a clinic, the window of a primary school or the air intake of a bar.
  • It is forbidden to smoke or vape on bars and restaurants terraces.
  • Even if the law doesn’t ban smoking in parks, it is forbidden to vape or smoke in a playground or a sports field. City councils can however take the decision to totally ban electronic or traditional cigarettes but will need to use a clear signaling to inform people.
  • The law doesn’t ban smoking or vaping at your home. But if you are a tenant, your owner can ban it in the lease agreement. Some condominium rules can also introduce some restrictions. It is however totally forbidden to vape or smoke in common areas of your housing.
  • Smoking lounges are banned apart in some healthcare places where long-term residents are staying. These residents will be granted its exclusive access. Otherwise, all smokehouses are forbidden.
Violation of these rules will lead to a 250 to 750 dollars fine.

And what about flavors?

As for e-liquid flavors, they are not restricted. For all tobacco products apart from the electronic cigarettes –traditional cigarette, hooka, pipe-, flavors other than tobacco ones are banned.


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