Run: Foo Fighters’ new song features a rebel vaping senior citizen

 Run: Foo Fighters’ new song features a rebel vaping senior citizen
The new song of the Foo Fighters, Run, has been released as a single on June 1, 2017. This is the band’s first song since « Saint Cecilia » in 2015. It was a surprise release. The band made vague allusions about “working on music”. But the song’s existence was never acknowledged before. There is no news yet regarding a possible album. There is no doubt though that the group is working on one.
Foo Fighters - Run
The goofy 6-minute long video clip features the band as senior citizens performing the song in a retirement home. This institution is the kind that sedates its residents with pills. But the power of rock will prove to be stronger than any kind of drugs!
The Foo Fighters end up inciting a riot amongst patients and orderlies. They lead the other residents first in a rebellious concert, and then in a breakout with one of the senior citizens even stealing an electronic cigarette and getting even more energy from vaping the e-cig. It ends with a hilarious though brief choreographed dance routine evocative of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.
 Run: Foo Fighters new song features a rebel vaping senior citizen
According to their now classic musical pattern, this ambitious song starts with a soft opening, before some heavy drums and thrashing and tortured singing interrupted by punctual melodic interludes. The lyrics recall the melancholy of their best songs and the line « Wake up/run for your life with me » is urgently repeated through the song’s chorus by groupleader Grohl.

Most of the critics are unanimous. It is a return to full-speed-ahead rock, with a high-energy sound. The band will be on tour all summer overseas, with many festival dates across Europe before moving to the Far East in August.

Video clip

Click here to view the full Run video clip of the Foo Fighters


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