Vape tricks: a new form of art

 Vape tricks: a new form of art
We have talked in a previous post of the cloud chasing trend.
These cloud chasers generally perform during vaping competitions, where there are two main categories:
  • power vaping contests with the creation of the largest vaping cloud possible
  • tricks contests, where participants create stylistic shapes with the vapor of their electronic cigarettes.
Regarding tricks, participants are generally evaluated on their artistic originality and the quality of their performance.
Vape tricks - King TitusThis trend seems to grow bigger right now and is even coming close to a form of art for some people. Since 2013, this vaping tricks trend has travelled from Asia to the US before eventually coming to Europe. The figures made by exhaling the vapor of electronic cigarettes can be concrete or abstract. To achieve the most beautiful tricks, performers will most certainly customize their electronic cigarettes to obtain more power and therefore more vapor.
Vapers will usually perform in vaping stores, during conventions and Cloud Contests but also alone on camera. Actually, the web has become today the main vehicle of this trend. You can see vapers facing the camera with a sleek and aesthetic production performing, along some music, their amazing vaping tricks. Competitions are also videotaped and broadcasted on Youtube, which allows to massively promote this new practice.


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If you are interested by this art, you can watch King Titus Vape on Youtube, one of the global references.


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