No pulmonary risks for vapers

 No pulmonary risks for vapers

The results of a new study on vaping have just been unveiled during the yearly convention of the Anti-Smoking Italian League (Lega Italiana Anti Fumo – LIAF). And they are extremely good for vaping!

Study shows there are no pulmonary risks for vapersThis study of the Vittorio Emanuele Catania Polyclinic has followed 9 regular vapers who were non-smokers during 4 years. These vapers, with an average age of a little less than 30 years old, were identified among vaping stores customers thanks to a small questionnaire.

The study focused most particularly on the pulmonary consequences of exclusive vaping on the long-term (average consumption of 4ml per day) among people who had never smoked or very little. An annual check-up was performed with the monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, weight and measures of the lung function, respiratory symptoms and presence of inflammation of respiratory tracks (with a special focus on the levels of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide exhaled). A high resolution chest scan (HRCT) could also be performed during the 3d year control.

The conclusions are extremely clear. ”No significant change has been observed compared with the initial state, both among vapers and among the non-smokers from the control group. Moreover, no pathological problem has been identified during the HRCT lung scan and no respiratory symptom has been observed in the vapers group. Even though we cannot exclude that some damage might take place later on, this study shows there is no specific risk of long-term vaping among rather young users”, Pr. Riccardo Polosa, head of Internal Medicine and Tobacco Prevention and Control of the Polyclinic Vittorio Emanuelle Catania explains.

Links between vaping and pulmonary risksThis represents one more step in favor of vaping. Among these vapers who were exposed daily to aerosol emissions of electronic cigarettes during 4 years, no harm in the lungs and in the airways has been observed.

The results of this study have been discussed during a debate on the pros and cons of vaping in stop smoking programs. A group of specialists that included Giovanni La Via, chair of the European Parliament Committee on Public Health, Lorenzo Spizzichino, of the Prevention Board Italian Health Ministery, professrr Umberto Tirelli, of the Cancer National Institute of Aviano, Dr Fabio Beatrice, from the Torino Hospital, Pr Lamberto Manzoli, from the Ferrara University, and Mario Girolamo Cardella, President of the National Union of Consumers were present.

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