Vaping celebrities: episode #1

 Vaping celebrities: episode #1

In this new post series, we will introduce you each week to 5 celebrities who love vaping! You’ll probably be surprised to discover these actors, singers or politicians who are true fans of the electronic cigarette, from the US to France…

#1 Leonardo di Caprio

He is certainly the most famous vaping celebrity: he will not be slow in pulling his e-cigarette out during major events such as the Oscars. And at V’APE, we love the tuxedo – electronic cigarette combo!

#2 Lady Gaga

Who doesn’t know Lady Gaga? This wacky singer, who lovers extreme scenic performances (it is truly impossible to forget the meat dress she was wearing during the MTV music awards), is both a music prodigy and a vaping fan!

#3 Carla Bruni

The former French first lady is very good at hiding behind her over-size sun glasses. But she doesn’t hide her e-cigarette that well!

#4 Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is an incredible actor  – the Departed, a few good Men, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-. He is also a gifted vaper who performs wonderful tricks, these stylish vapor figures.

#5 Emmanuelle Béart

French actress Emmanuelle Béart is unsurprisingly one of our favorite vapers. She took part in one of the first sessions of the French vaping channel ‘La Chaîne de la Vape’. She is regularly seen on the Front row of Fashion Shows with her e-cigarette.


Pauline est connue à BlogVape pour son palais. Amatrice d'e-liquides rares et pro du marché, elle vape avant-tout pour les saveurs.

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