E-cigarettes less addictive than tobacco

 E-cigarettes less addictive than tobacco
E-cigarettes less addictive than tobaccoA few days ago, searchers from the Penn State College of Medicine published a new study on vaping that will most certainly bring hope to those of you who are trying to quit smoking. The document starts by discussing the numerous medical advantages of the e-cigarette while underlining some mistaken beliefs. They are especially concerned about a theory which is often exploited by anti-tobacco lobbies. According to this theory, vaping could be a gateway to nicotine dependance.
The Penn State scientists strongly disagree with this claim. They state on the contrary that vaping will reduce the urges of smokers. And also the number of daily occasions when they feel like smoking.
Searchers analyzed the answers of 32 320 participants under the direction of Guodong Liu.

Here are the main findings:

  • Among participants, there were 3 586 vapers who fit the survey, out of which 5% consider themselves exclusive users of e-cigarettes. Out of these 5%, 93% were former smokers.
  • Vapers consider themselves less dependant to electronic cigarette than to traditional tobacco products. They also consider that the urge to vape is less important than the urge to smoke that they experienced before.
  • Finally, they find it easier to refrain from vaping in public spaces than it is to refrain from smoking.
All the participants of the study have been considered as addicted due to their regular use. But the main author of the study, Guodong Liu, who is associate teacher in Public Health Sciences stated that the results indicated clearly that « e-cigarettes are addictive, but not at the same level as traditional cigarettes ». 
The Penn State College of Medicine team plans to continue its research with further analysis of e-cigarette users’ dependency and the evolution of e-cigarette use.


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