Tiny Dancer – Elton John: vaping in the spotlight!

 Tiny Dancer – Elton John: vaping in the spotlight!
We talked about the video clip of Run, from the Foo Fighters last week. It is now Elton John who is putting vaping in the spotlight in the new clip of his song, Tiny Dancer!
This brand new clip of almost 7-minutes pictures a dozen of Los Angeles people. Among which a beauty queen, policemen, an older woman, a teenager and a vaping woman.
Tiny Dancer - Elton John: vaping in the spotlight!
With her orange air, her turquoise apparel and her over-size sun glasses, you will spot her easily. She is driving her car and vaping in the first minute of the video! And if you want to see Marilyn Manson charming a snake while singing, just wait for the 3d minute of the video.
Tiny Dancer - Elton JohnTiny Dancer is a song by Elton John which was released in 1971. It was never illustrated by a video clip because at that time, they were not so frequent. Elton John therefore recently launched a project named ‘The Cut’, backed by Youtube. His goal was to create video clips for Tiny Dancer and for two other songs, Rocket Man and Benny and the Jets.
Max Weiland was chosen to produce the clip. He decided to illustrate it with urban ordinary life scenes of Los Angeles, California.  
This video clip perfectly echoes the theme of the song, life in Southern California in the sixties / seventies. For Elton John, chosing Max Weiland was obvious. ‘‘Tiny Dancer…needed to be Californian. Max just gave us the best treatment possible. He just captured the essence of what the song’s about. ».

Discover the clip

To see the Tiny Dancer video clip and the woman vaping, it’s here on Youtube.



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