Vaping in other countries: the rules and our advice

 Vaping in other countries: the rules and our advice
Holidays are finally coming closer and if you are travelling abroad, you are probably asking yourself if you will be able to vape over there. But before moving on, here’s a reminder of our advice for your airplane ride. As explained in a previous article, if you are taking the plane, or have during your trip some quick pressure change (peak ascent for example), the air will expand and push the liquid out of your atomizer. The best option is thus to travel with an empty device. E-liquid containers can tolerate this pressure change with no problem.
Once you have arrived in your vacation place, it can become tricky. Many governments consider vaping rather negatively. The legislation that regulates the use of e-cigarettes is different in the whole world. Vapers who plan on travelling must be aware of these rules to avoid sliding towards illegality.

Here below are a few examples.

United States

Vaping in other countries - United StatesEven though vaping is totally legal in the US, the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) strictly monitors vaping products and each State has their own rules and regulation. Most of them ban e-cigarettes use in interior public spaces, such as bars and restaurants. Some ban it from all public spaces. Make sure to consult local state laws before travelling and vaping!


Vaper in other countries - NorwayIf you are going to Norway, you must be a big fan of cool climates! Norway has quite unusual vaping laws. Accord to local regulations, which were enforced to reduce the number of smokers in the country, all products containing nicotine cannot be sold in the country. But to make it more complex, Norwegians are allowed to import nicotine containing products from other countries but they must prove through a medical note that they need them to stop smoking. For travellers, it’s hard to bring their own nicotine liquids because this medical note can be required by the authorities.


Vaper in other countries - ThailandVaping is illegal in Thailand but offenders don’t risk much. Laws regulating the e-cigarette market are not strictly enforced. However, if you chose to vape in Thailand, it will be at your own risk because it is technically forbidden by the law.


Vaping in other countries - Australia

Australia is a very popular destination but the sale of nicotine based e-liquid is banned over there. The good  news is that it is perfectly legal to import your own e-liquid with nicotine. You can therefore bring all the nicotine juice you need. But you’ll need to plan your consumption for the duration of your stay!

Central & South America

Vaping in other countries - Central & South AmericaVaping is totally forbidden in Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina. No vaping product, including e-liquids can be sold legally. As far as customes are concerned, vapers’ testimonies vary: some go through the customs without any problems, some see their material be confiscated.
Vaping has also been banned in Brasil since 2014 and each product confiscated leads to a 10 Real fine.

Middle East

Vaping in other countries - Middle East

Laws against vaping are extremely harsh in Brunei: every person caught vaping will face a 500$ fine while imports or sales of vaping products can face a 10 000$ fine. In Qatar, the United Arab Emirates or Jordan have completely banned electronic cigarettes, while Oman still allows their use while sale is forbidden.

These examples show how various rules and regulations can be around the world. The best way for you to fully enjoy your holiday is to gather information before leaving!


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