Vaping stores robberies on the rise in California

 Vaping stores robberies on the rise in California
A new kind of robberies is on the rise in California. Since December, vaping stores are increasingly targeted by robbers.
Satyr Vapor located in Fresno was actually targeted 3 times by robbers in less than 6 weeks. This is really starting to feel depressing. And the plague is not stopping. Hidden Vapes, another vaping store, was also robbed. The thieves left the store with more than 30 000 dollars in cash, and also in products. Robbers are actually interested by vaping products, especially e-liquids. The demand for e-liquids is steady since they are consumables and the reduction of the number of vaping stores in the US means that stores that still exist have bigger inventories and cash.
As for the vapers community, the number of potential customers for these thieves is increasing.

An alarm to fight against robberies

Vaping store robberies in California

The last known victim was the vaping store Big City Vapor in Anderson, which was targeted 3 weeks ago. David VanBuren, BCV’s manager, explained that without the alarm, the robbers could have taken more than the 4 000 dollars in cash and merchandise they ran away with. He advises all fellow vaping store owners and managers to get equipped with security systems. The thieves were, in this case, arrested.
David adds that he has been smoking almost a pack of cigarette a day for 30 years. That he has tried to quit several times to no avail. And that only his discovery of e-cigarettes has helped him stop smoking.
 « Our job is to help people stop smoking », he explained. This is what motivated him to open his shop. So our greatest respect to M. VanBuren and a huge red card to those who are trying to destroy what others are building.


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