A longitudinal study on 4000 vapers’ behavior

 A longitudinal study on 4000 vapers’ behavior
Jean-François Etter leads a longitudinal study on 4000 vapers' behaviorAs far as research is concerned, several types of studies exist. But in the vaping industry, we are used to rather simple studies with plain measures. Results generally are that « searchers found this or that ingredient ». But there are other studies which can be a lot more interesting: longitudinal studies. These specific studies focus on a given population which is followed over time. 
The results which were published by Professor Jean-François Etter (Global Health Institute, Medicine Institute, Geneva University) are backed by such a study. These studies are very rare in the vaping world. This thorough investigation followed 3 868 regular vapers during one year. The main goal was to observe behavioral change among vapers over time (decrease of nicotine intake, tobacco, etc.).

Main findings

  • 77% of the vapers are former smokers
  • Over the testing period, pleasure has little by little become the most quoted reason for vaping (93%)
  • Over the testing period, having a substitute to tobacco cigarette has strongly decreased from 87% in the beginning to 56% in the end
  • Among exclusive vapers who are non-smokers, the nicotine content decreased over time, on average from 12 to 9mg/ml in the one-year testing period
  • The number of puffs per day remains stable at around 200 per day
  • Former smokers who became vapers but stopped vaping after some time have a tendency to resume smoking.
Even though the results seem logical for a regular vaper – the pleasure of vaping is undeniable-, professor Etter underlines the fact that reasons behind vaping evolve over time and another study with different vapers profils should be put in place. 
What about you, fellow vapers? Do you find echo in those results? Don’t hesitate to share with us the reasons why you vape as comments!



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