Vaping celebrities: episode #2

 Vaping celebrities: episode #2

Here comes our favorite moment of the week! After Leonardo Di Caprio, Lady Gaga, Carla Bruni, Jack Nicholson and Emmanuelle Béart last week, who will be our 5 new vaping celebrities this week?

#1 Britney Spears

Britney was cast in The Mickey Mouse Club, when she became famous worldwide in 1999. It was thanks to her single ‘Baby One More Time’, a song with an ultra-catchy chorus line.

She is also one of the prime targets of paparazzis. Her evenings with Paris Hilton, the pictures of her with no underwear or no hair. But also her legal setbacks for the custody of here children hit the front page of tabloids all over the world.
It’s actually on one of those pictures that we can see Britney vaping.

#2 Clovis Cornillac

Clovis Cornillac is a very famous French actor who prepares his roles extremely hard. He is also well-know for his physical transformations to perfectly embody the characters he plays.

The urban myth behind Clovis Cornillac’s vaping habit is that he was initiated to the e-cig on the TV channel Canal + with TV host Jérôme Bonaldi.

#3 Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is a rapper and producer from Long Beach in California, USA. His voice is very recognizable: drawl, nonchalant and almost lazy. The exact opposite of most rappers of his generation!

As for e-cigs, Snoop Dogg is a true fan. He even contributed to ranges of e-cigarettes for marijuana use by taking care of the design of the products and of the packaging.

#4 Marine le Pen

There is no secret that Marine Le Pen, a French politician from the far-right party Front National is totally addicted to her e-cig. Before the political debate between the two rounds of the French presidential election, she was totally hooked to her vaping device, an essential tool to fight against her stress.
And in the political comics, ‘The President’ from François Durpaire and Farid Boudjellal, she is of course represented with her electronic cigarette!

#5 Jan Koonen

Director of « 99 Francs », « Dobermann », « Blueberry », « Other worlds ». Jan Kounen worked with major actors such as Vincent Cassel, Jean Dujardin, Mads Mikkelsen or Monica Bellucci.

Jan Kounen is totally convinced by the electronic cigarette: thanks to vaping, he managed to stop smoking 4 years ago. He even directed a documentary movie about vaping, Vape Wave, which aims at promoting e-cigarette as a tool against smoking.


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