Rehab centers for vaping in the US

 Rehab centers for vaping in the US

Rehab centers for vaping in the USIn the US, rehab centers have been offering to cure a new addiction: vaping. For the addiction specialists of, the nicotine contained in e-liquids puts vaping at the same level as cocaine, heroine or ecstasy. But the website loses credibility when offering to also cure addiction to diet pills. We have however decided to expose and challenge their main arguments.

According to these experts, « For the same reasons cigarettes are addictive, so are vapes and e-cig products. Both contain nicotine, a highly addictive stimulant substance ». For the experts, vaping would be even more harmful with rebuildable material. These modified cigarettes will deliver nicotine in higher dosage and, thanks to their powerful battery, over longer periods of time.

They also worry about the presence of formaldehyde in e-liquids. This component had been identified by a survey of the State University of Portland published in 2015 in the New England Journal of Medicine. The allegations of this study were however immediately refuted. This was because they relied on measures taken with extremely high power levels. These excessive settings led to an overheat of the atomizer and to the ‘dry puff’ phenomenon. This burnt taste takes place when there is no or not enough e-liquid and will not be tolerated by any vaper.

Rehab centers offering to cure a new addiction: vapingA list of undesired health effects is also available. Cardiovascular complications, headaches, insomnia, lung inflammation, gastrointestinal upset, hypertension, etc.

A mercantile approach

By presenting vapers with old or false scientific results, the people from Rehab Center hope to increase their number of customers. But what happens is that it shows how little they know about the latest scientific studies on electronic cigarettes.


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