Vaping market: the 5 most beautiful atomizers

 Vaping market: the 5 most beautiful atomizers
We had talked about the 5 most beautiful mods available on the market in one of our previous articles. In this second article, we will talk about atomizers.
The atomizer is the superior part of an electronic cigarette. This is where the e-liquid is turned into vapor: cotton soaked with juice goes through a resistance which is heated.
There are two different atomizer types: atomizers with a tank that can be rebuildable or that can work with pre-assembled resistance or those with no tank called drippers. 
Here again, like in our previous article, there are no budget limitation or specific ranking order.

Kayfun 4 – Svoëmesto

There is no need to introduce you with this Kayfun rebuildable atomizer. The 4th version is hard to forget thanks to an innovative design and nice curves. The manufacturing quality is very high.

Kayfus 4 - Svoëmesto - Most beautiful atomizers

Magister – Vaponaute

With a very specific design and an elegant operating mode, the Magister is obviously one of our favorites. And the cherry on top of the cake is that it is a French atomizer! However, it will be more adapted to vaping experts because it is hard to replace the resistance with this model.

Magister - Vaponaute - Most beautiful atomizers

PitBull – Animodz

Its simple and compact lines turn the PitBull into a beautiful atomizer made in France. The finish quality is amazing, as in all Animodz products.

Pitbull - Animods - Most beautitful atomizers

Wasp Nano – Oumier

The Wasp is both original and elegant with its translucent top cap which serves also as a drip tip. The good news is that it is available online for around 20 euros.

Wasp Nano - Oumier - Most beautiful atomizers

Pico RTA – Yellowkiss

What’s so special about the Pico? It is customizable with around 15 different parts. The whole range is high quality and the many different options will allow you to build your own personal atomizer.

 Pico RTA - Yellowkiss - Most beautiful atomizers

If we have forgotten your favorite atomizer, you can help us get things right by sharing in the comments section!


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