Vaping ban questioned by county jailer

 Vaping ban questioned by county jailer

Henderson County Jailer (Kentucky) Amy Brady, wants the city commission to review its vaping regulation. This decision, which was adopted last June, bans people from vaping in all public places, including the county jail.

In Henderson, vaping ban in prison questioned by county jailerAmy Brady, who wants electronic cigarettes to remain legal in her prison, has numerous arguments against the new vaping regulation. 

Arguments to revoke the ban

First and foremost, let’s talk about the financial aspect. By stopping to sell e-cigarettes to inmates, the county jail will lose an important source of income. Last year 16.000 electronic cigarettes were sold at a 13 dollars unit price. Brady has explained that most of this income funds substance abuse programs. The collected funds also go to social aid funds that help the rehabilitation of prisoners.

However, Brady underlines that money is not the main reason to allow e-cigarettes in jails. E-cigarettes that are sold in these detention centers have been specifically designed to contain only nicotine. It’s impossible to add any other substance in the product. It therefore helps prevent the spread of drugs.

Most of the inmates suffer from a nicotine addiction, and electronic cigarettes are a good way to help them fight against cravings. Such cravings could have an impact on prisoners’ morale and could lead to tensions and conflicts.

Finally, electronic cigarettes are also used as a leverage tool. They are taken away from prisoners who cause problems while prisoners who have a good conduct will be rewarded with them.

Brady hopes the Henderson city commission will reconsider its decision and allow inmates to continue vaping.


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