Vaping celebrities: episode #6

 Vaping celebrities: episode #6

After 5 episodes and more than 20 vaping celebrities unveiled, we continue our weekly article series! Let’s discover this week’s 5 new celebrities who are in the spotlight.

#1 Johnny Hallyday

On this picture, we can see Johnny Hallyday (right) vaping with Louis Bertignac (left).
Johnny Hallyday had made a pact with fellow rockstar Eddy Michell on the movie shooting of ‘Salaud, on t’aime’ from director Claude Lelouch in 2014. Both promised they would stop smoking. To keep his promise, Johnny Hallyday was advised by Louis Bertignac to start vaping.
He actually confirmed on French television ‘C a vous’ show that he switched to the electronic cigarette in 2014. He also gave some advice to smokers in French journal le Figaro: « I’ve started vaping and I strongly recommend it to many smokers ».

#2 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is often pictured with the latest and most trendy accessories. Among which electronic cigarettes, luxury handbags or even adorable chihuahuas!

She was spotted in 2011 while vaping in the streets of Malibu. But Paris doesn’t only vape because it’s fashionable or cool in California. Her father had asked her to stop smoking and find a healthier alternative to cigarettes. And she found the perfect solution: electronic cigarettes.

#3 Carrie Fisher

Unforgettable Princess Leia from the Star Wars movies, Carrie Fisher died tragically from a heart attack at the end of 2016.

She was spotted vaping at several occasions: in 2011 on the Today Show, almost shocking the host or in 2012 at the airport with her dog in her arms. Where she went, her e-cig went also.

#4 Mélanie Laurent

Mélanie Laurent is a French actress and director who is also an environmental activist. She’s been fighting against overfishing with Greenpeace, she’s directed a documentary that lists positive initiatives in the energy, food or economy fields, etc.

It is therefore not totally surprising to discover that Mélanie Laurent is a vaping fan. She’s seen on this picture in the front row of a fashion show with a first generation electronic cigarette, a cigalike.

#5 John Cusack

John Cusack is an American screen writer, actor and director. He is a kickboxing fan, he is very interested in transcendental meditation. But he’s also committed to defending a free press, to defending Edward Snowden or fighting against the Obama administration and its drone use. He’s a very committed actor whose standpoints are always scrutinized.
And good news for the vaping industry. John Cusack has been seen vaping in several of his movies such as Reclaim or Drive Hard. And it also seems that he’s vaping in his everyday life!


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