What is coilporn?

 What is coilporn?

Coilporn - 3When using the « porn » suffix in English, we usually indicate an excessive envy, an intense desire for something. You have probably noticed on the Internet the Earthporn, which presents amazing nature pictures or the Foodporn with food pictures.

And in the vaping world, we have the Coilporn trend, namely the most beautiful coils. Its principle is quite simple: reconcile art and function by creating incredibly beautiful coils that are really used for vaping. Some kind of short-lived art that will darken over time as the e-liquid evaporates.

The most famous Coilporn exponent is probably Twisted Messes, the vaping Rodney Mullen who invented many coils. His Youtube channel is full of videos presenting his masterpieces. You can also visit OhmBoy Josh’s channel which presents less flamboyant coils.

Coilporn - 1The Coilporn trend has given birth to some now classical coils, such as the famous Clapton Coil which resembles a guitar string and that will bring you extremely good vapes. Apart from its aesthetics, the Coilporn enables to explore new materials, new set-ups and moves vaping forward in an empirical manner.

One of the most important places for Coilporn is the subreddit group similarly called. It has been a forerunner in this trend, and you can find there all kind of set-ups as well as some discussion threads on competition coils.

You can also explore the hashtag #coilporn on social networks. Especially on Instagram where you’ll find beautiful coils but also beautiful pictures.

Finally, if you feel like you have the soul of an artist, there are many available tutorials on line. You’ll be able to replicate some famous coils before creating your own. And don’t forget the golden rule in coil creation. You always test it on an electronic box or an ohmmeter before vaping with it!

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