5 key facts about Clapton Coils

 5 key facts about Clapton Coils

Clapton coils are trendy: while they used to be made at home by vaping DIY fans, they are now manufactured and sold by large vaping companies. Their design enables them to offer an increased surface area of the coil in contact with the wick, without dramatically increasing the resistance, which means it is better for vapor production and flavors. This has turned it into a success.

Clapton Coil - close-up

5 key facts about the Clapton Coil

Clapton Coil - DIY1. The name Clapton comes from the guitar player Eric Clapton and because the coil looks like a guitar string. The goal is to wrap a wire around one or several other wires. You can do it yourself -you’ll find many video tutorials on the web- or you can buy it pre-made. 

2. Clapton Coils are very resistant and will not clog your coils. If you clean them regularly, you’ll be able to keep your Clapton coils for several weeks in a row without any problems, you’ll only need to change the wick from time to time. 

3. Claptons are big coils and require high voltage settings. You should therefore use Clapton Coils on electronic boxes. And beware, Claptons will drain batteries very quickly.

Clapton Coil4. Clapton Coils have a longer ramp-up time compared with other coils. You should therefore blow during the 2 first seconds to be able to enjoy a coil at the right temperature. This technique is also useful for other large coils.

5. Claptons were invented by Coilporn fans who wanted to create a beautiful coil. But they turned out to be wonderful for both vapor and flavors! Serendipity once again worked out! 


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