« My First Vape », a very bad joke according to vapers

 « My First Vape », a very bad joke according to vapers

A couple of days ago, a picture appeared on the Internet. And it features a product packaging for an electronic box for babies!

« My First Vape », a very bad joke according to vapers

It works with soap bubbles and it strongly reminds us of chocolate cigarettes that were such a hit during Easter time not so long ago. Selling such chocolate cigarettes is today forbidden and is punishable by a 100.000-euro fine for tobacco propaganda.

​​Hoax - Adam PadillaFortunately enough, this « child vaping » product is not real but simply a publicity stunt made using Photoshop by Adam Padilla. You probably don’t know about him but advertisers and advertising agencies know him very well.

He is a fashionable creator – he calls himself « Adam The Creator »-. He’s also known for another fake advertisement he made last year for a toy, the « Fisher-Price Happy Hour set » which represents a bar. He is proud to say that he made more than a billion copies of this fake ad on the Internet.

The joke could be over. But as the Swiss website Vapolitique mentioned, one of the biggest customers of Adam Padilla’s BrandFire agency is the pharmaceutical lab Pfizer. And this lab offers a wide range of medical treatment and products to stop tobacco use. The question is therefore to know if « My First Vape » is only a hoax or if it’s simply another clever way to communicate against the vaping industry. 

Whatever the answer to this question might be, not everyone can sit back and understand the humor behind this ad. This false advertisement could very well seem like an ad for a real product for some of us. And this is actually Adam Padilla’s goal, and what makes him famous, as you can see on this Twitter thread.

​​Vaping hoax - False product advertisement - Adam Padilla


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